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Three Oaks Textiles

A12 - The Forager

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The Forager is water resistant sturdy multi-purpose foraging pouch (collapsible)

and detachable.... for Hiking, Beachcombing, Treasures, Flowers, Mushrooms, Hunting, Metal Detecting... endless uses.....

Made out of Leather and Waxed Canvas.....

  • FIND THAT TREASURE IN STYLE: Forage that fancy flora and fauna with this stylishly handcrafted, vintage-inspired Waxed Canvas Foraging Pouch. Meticulously handcrafted using Waxed Canvas for durability and longevity, this Foraging Pouch will be a stylish, useful companion as you find different types of precious flowers, mushrooms and other natural treasures on your walks in the forest, on the beach and off the beaten track.
  • HANDMADE WITH ONLY THE BEST MATERIALS: We use high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability, which is why we use locally sourced, sturdy yet flexible Waxed Canvas that will last you a lifetime. Hand-cut and hand-sewn this Foraging Pouch will make an attractive, lifelong companion on your walks in the great outdoors.
  • AMPLE ROOM, COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN: The Pouch measures 12" in height and 8.25 inches in width, giving you enough room to hold all of your treasures. When you have finished your treasure hunt off the beaten track, and you’ve stored away all your finds, the bag can be collapsed and folded up into a compact square that you can fit in your pocket or backpack.
  • HANDS-FREE & EASY TO USE: The Forager Pouch comes with a loop that you attach to your belt, hands-free access when you’re on the trail. When you’ve found enough treasure, just pull on the drawstring to close the bag to prevent any items falling out. The bag is also detachable... 
  • SIMPLE AND FUNCTIONAL DESIGN, MAKES A GREAT GIFT: This makes an excellent gift for your friend, loved ones and anyone in your family. Easy to use and attractive to look at, this unique item is an unforgettable gift for birthdays or Christmas.